LHC Seminar

ATLAS searches for New Physics with Boosted Objects

by Jiahang Zhong (University of Oxford (GB))

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 from to (Europe/Zurich)
at CERN ( 500-1-001 - Main Auditorium )
With the increase of energy and luminosity at the LHC, searches for new physics are focusing on the multi-TeV mass range. Decays of heavy resonances associated with new physics in this mass range often result in highly boosted very massive objects such as W/Z bosons or Top quarks. New reconstruction techniques, based on jet sub-structure algorithms, are needed to efficiently reconstruct such decay signatures. We will review recent ATLAS developments of jet sub-structure reconstruction tools, and their application to searches for physics beyond the Standard Model.
Video in CDS
Organised by M. Mangano, C. Lourenco, G. Unal......................... **Tea and Coffee will be served at 10h30**
There is a live webcast for this event