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Karl Johnston
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    • 08:45 17:45
      BMBF timetable: Timetable

      Dear Colleagues,

      I would like to inform you that our meeting will start at 08:45, because Dr Kowalska has accepted to talk in the morning.

      In addition, we have changed the contribution from Prof. Hemmingsen to "PAC spectroscopy applied in chemistry and biochemistry "

      I'm pleased to announce the new timetable of our BMBF meeting:

      Place: visitors room 26 1 022
      In-house group:

      08:45 "Welcome" by Juliana Schell
      --->Coffee and cookies available
      09:00 "ISOLDE facility status and Photoluminescence at ISOLDE" by Karl Johnston
      09:30 TDPAC and EC at ISOLDE: "Electrons & gammas, the clever messengers of tiny physics in materials" by Guilherme Correia
      10:00 "Vito beamline" by Magdalena Kowalska
      10:30 Future EU projects discussion

      11:00 ISOLDE hall tour (by Kara Lynch and Juliana Schell)
      11:20-12:20 SSP laboratory tour (by Karl/Guilherme/Juliana)

      12:20 lunch

      13:20 Mössbauer projects by Palle Gunnlaugsson (over Skype)
      --->Coffee and cookies available
      14:00 Prof. Schaaf: future Mössbauer projects for ISOLDE

      15:00-16:00 Future ASPIC and emission channelling projects by Lino Pereira

      16:00 Extra topic: "PAC spectroscopy applied in chemistry and biochemistry "
      by Prof. Lars Hemmingsen

      17:00 Future projects discussion

      17:30-18:00 Close section: dinner at the Les Armures Hotel in Geneva
      Menu available at (
      (individual payment direct to the restaurant)
      I reserved a table for 13 people (J. Schell, H. Haas, K. Johnston, J. Araújo, L. Pereira, P. Schaaf, H. Hofsäss, M. Nagl, D. Lupascu, A. Fenta, A. Costa, E. Bosne. F. Hergemöller) .

      Please let me know if you have any questions!

      Thank you very much for your cooperation!

      Yours sincerely,
      Juliana Schell on behalf of the BMBF collaboration