BE Asset Management Forum

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  • Lars Jensen
  • Uwe Epting

Chairperson:               Lars Jensen

Scientific Secretary:   Uwe EPTING

The BE Asset Management Forum has the mandate to:

•     Provide a platform to ensure that the AMM activities in the BE department are done using the standard tools and following the established guidelines by the A&T; sector Quality Assurance Committee

•     Provide a platform for exchange of experience, ideas, best practices within BE department and build strong user community

•     Establish communication channels and disseminate news from the central services, e.g. Infor, EDMS, Layout, Naming, etc. (demos, new functionalities, etc.) and the A&T sector Quality Assurance Committee

•     Gather user feedback towards the central services

•     Agree on the Asset Management Performance Measurement System - KPIs and Reporting, relevant to the groups in the BE department

•     Regularly report to the BEMB
You can find more details on the BE Department Asset Management activities colaborative space.