29-30 July 2021
America/Bogota timezone

The NuCo workshop (Neutrinos en Colombia) will be held on the 29-30 July, 2021. The goal of the meeting is to provide an opportunity to discuss various aspects of Neutrino physics, like:

  • Neutrino oscillations
  • Long Baseline Experiments
  • Reactor, Accelerator, Atmospheric and Solar Neutrinos
  • Neutrino interactions and Cross sections
  • Neutrino Masses and Mixing, CP Violation 
  • Sterile Neutrinos
  • Exotic Physics with Neutrinos
  • Neutrinos in Nuclear Physics, AstroPhysics and Cosmology

Our community is a growing, active and diverse one, working on a variety of theoretical and experimental aspects of neutrinos. Hence, a broad approach to neutrino physics research is necessary given the nature of the challenge.

We expect this event to provide a platform for maximizing interactions and create new collaborations. Furthermore, we foresee a number of shorter lightning talks on specific topics. These are meant to highlight individual and/or unusual ideas and can also help increase the visibility of younger scientists.

Here you can see the names and topics of confirmed talks.

Due to the current covid-19 related travel restrictions, there will be no in-person meeting as originally planned. However, the conference will go ahead as an online event.


Registration for this event is currently open.
The call for abstracts is open
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