WLCG Management Board (ZOOM-ONLY meeting)

Simone Campana (CERN)

16:00 CERN/10:00 EDT/09:00 CDT

URL for the ZOOM call: https://cern.zoom.us/j/99594778086 (the passcode has been distributed by email)

To join by phone (see the dedicated support page):
1) dial your local ZOOM number (e.g. +41432107108) then enter the MB meeting ID  995 9477 8086 then #
2) mute your phone (there is no auto-mute facility)
Note: calls are charged to the caller (there is no callback facility)

Email Distribution List: worldwide-lcg-management-board@cern.ch
Email List Archive: worldwide-lcg-management-board (requires CERN authentication)
Minutes: Management Board Meeting Minutes
Action List: MbActionList
See also the: WLCG Document RepositoryWLCG Web Site

    • 16:00 16:05
      Minutes and Matters Arising 5m
      • Network test document 1m
        Speaker: Simone Campana (CERN)
      • Collaboration Activities between EGI and WLCG 20m
        Speaker: Maarten Litmaath (CERN)
    • 16:05 16:10
      Action List Review 5m
    • 16:10 16:20
      WLCG Service Report 10m
      Speakers: Katarzyna Maria Dziedziniewicz-Wojcik (CERN) , Maarten Litmaath (CERN)
    • 16:20 16:30
      News from the LHCC meeting 10m
      Speaker: Simone Campana (CERN)
    • 16:30 16:40
      DOMA phase-II 10m
      Speaker: Simone Campana (CERN)
    • 16:40 16:45
      AOB 5m
      • Next MB Meeting: Tuesday 20 April 2021 1m