Dec 13 – 16, 2021
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Tension between Preconceptions and the Canonical Physics Content: Teacher Interventions in a Dialogic Classroom

Dec 15, 2021, 5:00 PM
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Poster in Guayaquil 9. Initial teacher education, teacher professional development and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Parallel 8 - Wroclaw/Guayaquil


Prof. Nicolas Velasco (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)Prof. Nicolás Gandolfo (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)


Dialogic interaction in science classes provides students with opportunities to learn from their previous ideas towards the canon of science. This paper contributes to answering the question: How are the teacher's interventions in a dialogic class in order for the above process to take place? A comparative analysis of the interventions of a teacher in two introductory classes on electric circuits is presented. It is observed that the teacher's interventions play a key role in the progress of the students' models, but these interventions acquire different characteristics according to the context analyzed.

Primary authors

Dr Laura Buteler (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) Prof. Nicolas Velasco (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) Prof. Nicolás Gandolfo (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)

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