Dec 13 – 16, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone
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Insights and Reflections in Physics Teaching and Learning at High School and University

Dec 15, 2021, 11:00 AM
1h 30m
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Zoom ID: 701 110 5127, Passcode: 12345

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Symposium in Wroclaw 4. Teaching and learning physics concepts Parallel 7 - Wroclaw


Elien Sijmkens (KU Leuven) Elien Sijmkens Jenaro Guisasola (University of the Basque country) Jenaro Guisasola Jenaro Guisasola (UPV/EHU) Lana Ivanjek (TU Dresden) Lana Ivanjek Paul van Kampen (Dublin City University) Paul van Kampen T.J. Kelly (Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology)


Online Symposium. Organized by GTG Physics education Research at University-PERU
Abstract. Many countries are experiencing significant problems with engaging students with the advanced study of physical sciences. Where this is the case, it is a source of significant concern. Whilst science and engineering are often seen as interesting to young people, such interest is not reflected in the learning outcomes in science and engineering degrees that have little success in the early years. The reasons for this are complex but need to be addressed. More attempts at innovative curricula and ways of organising the teaching of science that address the issue of low student motivation and learning are required. This Symposium presents emerging topics in physics teaching and / or learning as an effort to innovate and improve the research-based physics education.

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