CLEAR Weekly Operation Meeting



CLEAR Weekly Operation Meeting
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Roberto Corsini
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Actions from previous week:

  • Check the availability of a beam pipe to allow the installation of only two CLIC cavity BPM      > ongoing
  • Further look to solve the noise in the plasma lens pump.    > ongoing
  • Devise a way of doing laser alignment on the in-air test stand. > done, to be completed for spectrometer line
  • Understand where's the end of the trigger cables in the klystron gallery. > to be completed
  • Look at moving one of the unused CTF3 front ends to the barrack to aid data collection. > to be verified
  • Reconnection of the thermalized water pipes on the X-band ACS     > ongoing
  • Re-installation of safety valve on gas pipe for P.L.    > ongoing, long term
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