Jun 14 – 18, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

Welcome to Master Your Physics 2021, an online conference by master's students for master's students! 

During the conference we will discus a wide variety of topics in physics through a wide variety of setups. There will be talks from top-class speakers across institutions from all over the world. We will have discussion sessions on hot topics in physics as well as on social topics. Furthermore, local Ph.D. students will present some of their research, so that master's students can get acquainted with life as a Ph.D. already at an early stage in their careers. The conference will take place from June 14-18 2021.

Join us at:
Meeting ID: 941 3175 3632
Passcode: 140621

We scheduled 2 hours for each talk, these consist of:
- 45 min. presentation
- 15 min. questions
- up to one hour unrecorded discussion regarding the talk (local staff is cordially invited!)
Exceptions for this scheme are the talks by Gideon Koekoek and Stefan Hild (Thursday at 10:00), these will be held one after another. Thereafter, there is up to one hour for discussions as well. 
During presentations everyone should feel free to ask questions using the "raise hand" button in zoom, unless the speaker or moderator objects. However, we would kindly like to ask the audience to keep in mind that talks are primarily aimed at master's students. 

Discussion Sessions
We have two discussion sessions on big questions and broad topics in physics:
- On Monday at 19:00, we will have a philosophically flavored debate on the interpretation of quantum mechanics. 
- On Friday at 17:00, we will face climate change and discuss the future of energy.
During those sessions a panel of experts will give their opinion on the matter  and provide some illuminating conversations. The sessions will take at most 2 hours. The audience is of course welcome to ask questions. 

Conversations on... (Amsterdam only)
Not directly related to physics, but very relevant for physicists, we host two interactive sessions on social topics:
- On Tuesday at 19:00, we will discuss the negative correlation between academic level and the number of women in physics, called "the Leaky Pipeline."
- On Thursday at 19:00, we will talk about mental health for young physicists during their master's or Ph.D.'s.
We invited very knowledgeable panelists do discuss these topics with the audience. Due to the confidential nature of these sessions, we decided to not record them and only invite Amsterdam students and staff. People who show up late, will not be allowed to enter the room. 

Ph.D. sessions
Last but not least, we will host six sessions for master's students to get acquainted with some of the most exciting research in Amsterdam. These consist of:
- 3 research related presentations by Ph.D.'s (20 min. talk + 10 min. questions)
- Up to 30 minutes time for informal conversations about life as Ph.D.
We will host Ph.D. sessions for research related to:
- Gravitation and Astroparticle Physics (Tuesday at 12:00)
- Advanced Matter and Energy Physics (Tuesday at 14:00)
- Biophysics & Biophotonics (Wednesday at 14:00)
- Science for Energy & Sustainability (Wednesday at 16:00)
- Theoretical Physics (Thursday at 14:00)
- Astronomy and Astrophysics (Friday at 12:30)

Interaction time
Join us on our online spaceship in Gather Town between sessions and let's talk physics!


Confirmed Speakers:
Danielle Bassett - Rick van Bijnen -  Robbert Dijkgraaf - Francisco Förster - Wiliam Gracias - Stefan Hild - Gideon Koekoek - Teresa Montaruli - Carlo Rovelli - Leonard Susskind - Jesse Thaler - David Tong - Jan Zaanen - Jun Zhu 

Confirmed Panelists:
Valerie Bettaque - Mailis Birsak - Alessandra Candian - Raoul Frese - Machiel Keestra - Joost van Mameren - Jan van Marseveen - F.A. Muller - Katerina Newell - Carlo Rovelli - Jan Pieter van der Schaar - Sebastian Hendrik Sterl - Evita Verheijden - Jasper van Wezel 

Confirmed Ph.D.'s:
Uddipta Bhardwaj - Devarshi Choudhury - Annelotte Derkink - Carlos Duaso Pueyo - Peter Gaemers - Ruben Hamans - Jans Henke - Laura van Huizen - Bouke Jung - Cyrian Leriche - Anna Meijering - Nico Schramma - Margherita Vaselli - Evita Verheijden - Rico Visser 

The schedule can be found under the Timetable tab. All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2).

Recordings, links and relevant material:
Please note that no session will be recorded! Links and all relevant material can be found by clicking on the top-right corner of a session in the timetable. 

V. Bettaque, S. Calo, S. Gotur,  A. van Hemert, P. van der Hoek, L. Rieth, M. Yañez Reyes