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WLCG AuthZ Call


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Notes WLCG AuthZ Meeting

Participants: Irwin, DaveD, DaveK, Mine, Tom, Julie, Maarten, Petr, Jim, Andrii, Andrea, Brian, Enrico, Jeff, Alessandra, James


  • User Sync
    • Working fine for CMS, no errors reported
    • ATLAS more problematic, will be worked on next week. Strategy for duplicates not sound, Petr has proposed a different approach (for some users override email with one provided by Petr). Should be done next week.
    • Mapping groups to capabilities, how will this be done? Can be done over curl at the moment but not possible through dashboard. Andrea working on this and will process.
  • CHEP presentation, Tom Dack will present
  • GDB token presentation, Dave did Vault last month. We need a volunteer for the next one.
    • CE side would be a good topic
      • Jeny testing with CEs with good results
    • VOMS import for CMS and ATLAS
    • Advertise new VOMS RPMs
    • Fermilab status report
    • FTS and 3rd party copy
      • Issue is that test framework is not used and frequently broken
  • VOMS RPMs, Maarten created a new RPM. Should this RPM only contain new VOMS endpoints or other things too? Sites will have to configure their services with trusted IAM and VOMS endpoints - should the number of RPMs be minimised?
    • Andrea, keep RPM VOMS focused until clearer what configuration we should distribute
    • Progress made on OSG side as well


  • Reserve GDB slots
    • May OSG/Glidein WMS - Brian
    • May VOMS import status (short) - Andrea
    • June Fermilab Status - Mine
    • July token transfers (if ready) - Petr ?
  • Maarten create VOMS RPMs for CMS and ATLAS, put into WLCG repo and announce on list
  • Andrea and Andrii meet r.e. Dirac use cases 
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