HEP Weekly Seminar: Can an Interaction (Dark-) Materialize? (Prof. Alfonso Zerwekh, UTFSM)


During the last few years we have constructed and studied the phenomenology of the Minimal Vector Dark Matter model (MVDM) where the Dark Matter is the neutral component of a massive vector field in the adjoint representation of SU(2) Left. However the MVDM is only an effective theory since it violates unitarity at a scale of some hundred TeV. In order, to make a UV completion of the model it is necessary to promote the massive vector field to a gauge field. In this seminar we will talk about our attempt to implement this program and we will describe a different approach taken by an independent group. At the end of the talk we will see how a gauge field (i.e. a force carrier) can "materialize", that is, how it can be transformed into a field which behaves like matter.

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