HEP Weekly Seminar: Precision Instrumentation Enabled Physics at the LHC & QIS Enabled Discovery for High Energy Physics (Cristian Peña, FermiLab-Lederman Fellow)

Abstract: A rich physics program at the LHC  is about to start in 2021. Eight years after the discovery of the Higgs boson at the LHC we have arrived to 0.1% precision measurement of its mass.  Much earlier than expected we measured it's coupling to muons and now the Higgs physics program at the LHC will focus on the measurement of its self-coupling. The hunt for new physics has taken a fascinating turn to long-lived states within a variety of theoretical models. I will discuss the current ultra-precision instrumentation innovations at CMS and how it enables the success of both the Higgs and the new long-lived physics program in the next decade.  I will also present the intersectional  HEP/QIS program developed in the past three years, focusing on quantum sensing towards powerful experimental probes of unexplored dark sectors across orders of magnitude in the mass-axis.
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