EPC Tools Zoom Series (ETZS) - Every Wednesday

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      EPC Tools Zoom Series (ETZS) - Every Wednesday

      "EPC Tools Zoom Series" is a series of short Zoom sessions, demonstrating features of SY-EPC software tools like PowerSpy and FGCRun+.

      The tutorial runs every Wednesday at 14:00 for 10 minutes on zoom (5 minutes demo and 5 minutes Q&A session).

      One feature is presented per session.

      The sessions build up on each other (from basic to advanced features).

      The Q&A is for you! Ask questions, propose future topics, and give feedback on the tool.

      Joining the sy-epc-etzs-announcements e-group for a weekly announcement of the next topic.

      Speaker: Kevin Kessler (CERN)