Sep 27 – 30, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Broad IF band vs. Broad RF Band

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Invited Talk


Victor Belitsky


Day 3: Receivers (SIS)
11:00 Wideband Technology development for ALMA receiver upgrades at NAOJ Takafumi Kojima invited
11:05 SIS based mixers development for radio astronomy Kirill Rudakov 6 contributed
11:10 On Extending the IF Bandwidth of ALMA Band # 6 SIS Mixers Marian Pospieszalski 6 invited
11:15 ALMA Band 6v2 Receiver Upgrade Alessandro Navarrini 6 invited
11:20 ALMA Band 6 Local Oscillator Noise Improvement Kamaljeet Saini 6 contributed
11:25 The status of SIS Process Development at GARD Alexey Pavolotsky 5-9 contributed
11:30 The development of low-noise, wide-band SIS mixer receivers based on a zero-IF architecture. Ray Blundell 5-8 invited
11:35 Discussion Neil Phillips
Development of a new wideband heterodyne receiver system (RF: 210–375 GHz, IF: 4–21 GHz) for the Osaka 1.85-mm
mm-submm telescope Toshikazu Onishi 6-7 invited
12:05 Development of Band 7+8 Cartridge Receiver Jung-Won Lee 7-8 contributed
12:10 On-going mixer developments at IRAM Doris Maier 2-7 invited
12:15 Dual Band upgrade of NOEMA Receivers Anne-Laure Fontana 2-7 contributed
12:20 Developing for ALMA's future at NOVA Ronald Hesper 9 invited
12:25 Calculation and Analysis software for SIS-Mixers Daniele Ronso Lima 9 contributed
12:30 Discussion Kamaljeet Saini

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