IT-protoDUNE coordination (Single Phase and Double Phase)

Ignacio Coterillo Coz (CERN)

Coordination: JIRA, Minutes, etc.

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IT-protoDUNE coordination (Single Phase and Double Phase)
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Ignacio Coterillo Coz
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Pablo Saiz
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Apologies: Steven, Elisabetta

Present: Denis, Mike, Ignacio, Pablo



Ignacio: From the IT side, very calm during the summer:

* MALT project: discussion with Microsoft . 

* New department head: Enrica. Not clear yet if there will be reorganization. Relationship with the experiments should not be affected

Mike: Are there any SLA between the IT services and Protodune?

Ignacio: Not yet

Mike: I'm curious about the services that Protodune is using. I know that it uses EOS, 

Denis: About the dual side, there are some storage outside of the IT team. These servers are for the online system. When the files go to EOS, then they are in the IT support

Mike: And that jump into the central services.  So, that's done with FTS3?

Ignacio: Yes, and at moment is when the IT services start

Ignacio: I could give you the list of services

Pablo: Shall we compile a list of services?

Mike: My goal is not to sign an SLA. I don't want to change those things. I just want to get an overview of what we use and what is available.

Denis:  I don't want to sign SLA either

Ignacio; Most of the IT services are `Best effort`. At the same time, the services managers can be contacted during the night if the services are not working



Denis: No news since the beginning of the summer. Testing the new version DAC. Installed new fibers to the DAC for the MPO2. 



Ignacio: Next meeting scheduled for 7th of October.


* Ignacio and Pablo to create a list of services used by ProtoDUNE and forward it to the mailing list.


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