Jan 16 – 21, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone

This conference aims to bring together physicists and mathematicians interested in low-dimensional examples of holographic dualities, the orbit method and their interplay via the quantization of coadjoint orbits of the Virasoro group. The scope of this event encompasses two and three dimensional gravitational theories and their description via ensembles of strongly correlated quantum systems. These systems share the property of having an IR description that can be understood via the quantization of the coadjoint orbits of the Virasoro group and thus constitute a fertile ground for the interaction between physicists and mathematicians interested in these structures.


List of Speakers includes:
Alexander Altland, Alexandre Belin, Jean-Michel Bismut, Mirjam Cvetic, Johanna Erdmenger, Thomas Hartman, Kristan Jensen, Alexander Maloney, Eckhard Meinrenken, Adrian Sanchez Garrido, Samson Shatashvili, James Sully, Leon Takhtajan, Erik Verlinde, Donald Youmans, Peter Zograf