EP-ESE Electronics Seminars

Through silicon vias โ€“ a 3D electronic packaging technology

by Mr Thomas Fritzsch (Fraunhofer IZM Berlin)


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Through silicon via (TSV) technology has been introduced in a wide range of electronic packaging applications. Hybrid pixel detectors for x-ray imaging and for high-energy physics (HEP) can benefit from this technology as well. 3D TSV prototypes have been manufactured using ATLAS FE-I3 and MEDIPIX3 readout electronic chips. A detailed view into the TSV-technology used for these types of readout chips as well as results of successfully tested 3D hybrid modules will be presented in this seminar. A second TSV technology approach starts on the CMOS wafer front side with a silicon etching step similar to the 3D interposer fabrication. Special features and requirements of this technology will be discussed in detail. Examples of 3D devices with TSVs fabricated in high volume by the electronic packaging industry will be presented.