Informal CMS/ATLAS meeting on κλ measurements in single-Higgs channels

Meeting on κλ measurements in single-Higgs channels
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Nicolas Berger
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  • CMS slides will be updated to add the technical details.
  • CMS and ATLAS experts will get in touch after the meeting to discuss harmonizing the methods (in particular sensitive topics such as showering and STXS binning)


  • ttH numbers match within uncertainties (500k events for CMS). pTH > 450 GeV not split.
  • For tHq, will simply use the inclusive number since there is no kinematic binning in STXS.

Discussion of theory questions

EFT should not be the main focus of the WG2 meeting, but is an interesting further development (and in fact the κλ parameter is equivalent to one of the directions in EFT-space). A presentation giving some perspectives on the topic is planned for the WG2 meeting.

Preparation for the WG2 meeting

  • A google doc will be set up to collect open questions to be discussed at the meeting, starting from the list presented by CMS.
  • Should also add a discussion of theory uncertainties on the predictions.
  • Theory questions will be sent in advance to theory colleagues.


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