BSM PANDEMIC Delta Series: Kara Farnsworth (Case Western) and Alexandria Costantino (UC Riverside)


Kara Farnsworth:

Title: "Hamiltonian Truncation and Effective Field Theory"
Abstract: Hamiltonian truncation is a non-perturbative numerical method for calculating observables of a quantum field theory by truncating the Hilbert space to states with energy below a maximum energy cutoff. In this talk I will present an effective field theory approach to Hamiltonian truncation, which provides a systematic way to improve the calculations without increasing the energy cutoff. I will demonstrate this with numerical results for the two dimensional phi^4 theory, and talk about future applications of this method to more complicated theories.

Alexandria Costantino:

Title: "Puzzles Regarding the Warping of the EFT Cutoff in AdS"
Abstract: It's well known that the metric warps mass scales upon moving through Anti-de Sitter space. In fact, this was the premise of the Randall Sundrum solution to the hierarchy problem over 20 years ago. When applied to the EFT cutoff, the warping of mass scales can lead to a number of apparent puzzles: States that are generated in one region of the space can appear to be beyond the cutoff of the EFT in another region of the space. The mass spacing between heavy KK modes can also appear to use information from outside of the region of EFT validity. In this talk, I show how the very same higher dimension operators that lead to EFT breakdown can provide the resolution to the apparent puzzles they create.