CHIPP Winter School of Particle Physics 2022



The Cambrian Hotel
Annapaola De Cosa (ETH Zurich (CH))

The Swiss Institute for Particle Physics (CHIPP) hosts an annual winter school based on the  activities of the swiss institutes involved in particle and astro-particle physics.  The purpose of the school is to offer young physicists an opportunity to learn about recent advances in elementary-particle physics from local and world-leading researchers. The school program includes lectures on accelerator and non-accelerator particle physics (detectors, LHC physics, neutrinos, astrophysics, flavor physics) from an experimental and phenomenological perspective.

The school is open to both swiss and international young physicists.  
PhD students are especially encouraged to attend.

The 2022 CHIPP winter school of particle physics will be in Adelboden at the The Cambrian Hotel

Registrations are now open.

The event is kindly supported by the Swiss Institute of Particle Phsyics and the Swiss Academy of Sciences



Due to the Covid-19 emergency sanitary rules will be followed. Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

  • Alexander Bismark
  • Anian Altherr
  • Anna Mascellani
  • Erwan Robyn
  • Florian Eble
  • Frederic Noël
  • Jesse Zhang
  • Julie Pages
  • Lars Noehte
  • Lea Halser
  • Livio Calivers
  • Luca Naterop
  • Lukas Allwicher
  • Maria Carolina Feliciano Faria
  • Marko Pesut
  • Martin Andersson
  • Meinrad Schefer
  • Noshin Tarannum
  • Ondrej Theiner
  • Paloma Cimental
  • Paola Tavella
  • Pascal Raffael Baertschi
  • Paul de Bryas
  • Peter Meiring
  • Petr Jakubcik
  • Robert Mihai Amarinei
  • Roman Gruber
  • Roman Mueller
  • Sandro Mächler
  • Sara Celani
  • Serhii Cholak
  • Stefano Franchellucci
  • Stergiani Marina Vogiatzi
  • Tiziano Bevilacqua