TDR commissioning discussion

TDR commissioning discussion
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Werner Riegler
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    • 9:00 AM 10:20 AM
      Items to be addressed 1h 20m

      Questions related to Trigger

      -- Are the issues related to the 'sending of triggers while TRD is Busy' resolved ? Is there action on CTP or TRD, or both ?



      For the pilot beam we have the possibility of using FIT for LM or the BC from CTP. What is to be implemented for both of these options ?


      Trigger rate (critical)

      --> We have never tested beyond 8 kHz input. Latest information is that the accepted rate is only 4 kHz at 8 kHz input. What will be the maximum trigger rate ?


      Tracklet readout or digits readout or both for pilot tests (critical)

      --- is tracklet readout is already validated? ... if we send all digits, the data rate at 22 khz would be ~20 GB/s (6 GB/s at 8 kHz). This is the same as TPC. Latchezar coordinated with the EOS team to sustain 50 GB/s from CR0 to EOS.  So if TRD sends 20 GB/s, we will send too much... (TPC 25 GB/s, ITS 10 GB/s, rest very small, CTF: 3 GB/s)


       EPN workflows  (not critical -- if not ready, we will run without TRD EPN workflow)

      -- This has never been tested. 


      - QC 

      --> No QC.  It is important to have pulse height vs. drift time to see the proper timing of LM...