Jul 18 – 23, 2022
University of Vienna
Europe/Vienna timezone

Holographic evidence for nonsupersymmetric conformal manifolds

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Audimax (University of Vienna)


University of Vienna

Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria


Colin Sterckx


We review recent progress stemming from the Type IIB S-folds program. S-folds are non-geometric backgrounds of type IIB supergravity of the form $\textrm{AdS}_4 \times \textrm{S}^1 \times \mathcal{M}$ involving a non-trivial $\textrm{SL}(2,\,\mathbb{Z})$ monodromy around the $\textrm{S}^1$. Engineering deformations of such backgrounds, we provide a mechanism for supersymmetry breaking that preserves stability. Such deformations are conjectured to be dual to exactly marginal deformations of the CFT dual to the S-fold. This provides a surprising holographic evidence for the existence of non-supersymmetric conformal manifolds.

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