by Michael Charlton (Swansea University)

Seminar room & online (SMI, Kegelgasse 27, 1030 Vienna)

This Seminar will be organized as a Webinar with the speaker joining remotely as well.
If you wish to join please send an email to martin.simon at by Tue. 23rd of Nov. 2021 to request the zoom-link.


The formation, capture and interrogation of antihydrogen atoms has been pioneered over the last two decades or so. Recently this has included observation and characterization of the 1S-2 two-photon transition and use of the 1S-2P transition to effect laser-cooling of a trapped sample of the anti-atoms. Aspects of these advances will be described, as will some of the challenges along the way. We will discuss the physics motivations for undertaking such experiments. We will also describe the results of simulations of positron-antiproton mixing to form antihydrogen, including in a beam-like configuration, and a method to produce an antihydrogen beam using a travelling optical lattice. We will conclude with some speculations on the possibilities for antihydrogen chemistry.

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Widmann

Organized by

Stefan Meyer Institute