FAKT Workshop 2022: Particle Physics Retreat


This workshop serves as platform to get to know the nuclear and particle physics community in Austria, to connect the participating institutes, to network and to strengthen the existing collaborations. 

The meeting starts on Thursday with Lunch at 12:30 and ends on Friday after Lunch. 

Registration Deadline: It is over.

For booking a room, please send an email to  r.bruck@jufahotels.com with the subject "Zimmerreservierung 'Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften"'24.2.-25.2."  and provide name, address, and date of birth. 

  • Alberto Escalante Del Valle
  • Andre Hoang
  • Angela Gligorova
  • Anton Rebhan
  • Axel Maas
  • Benjamin Koch
  • Daniel Grumiller
  • Daniel Lechner
  • Dietmar Kuhn
  • Eberhard Widmann
  • Erwin Jericha
  • Fabian Zierler
  • Felix Wagner
  • Florian Reindl
  • gianluca inguglia
  • Géraldine Räuber
  • Hartmut Abele
  • Holger Kluck
  • Huw Haigh
  • Jan Lüdtke
  • Jens Burkhart
  • Jochen Schieck
  • Josef Pradler
  • Leonie Einfalt
  • Manfried Faber
  • Marco Nikolic
  • Massimiliano Procura
  • Michael Westh Hansen
  • Philipp Horak
  • Rajesh Kumar Maiti
  • Reinhard Alkofer
  • René Sedmik
  • Rituparna Maji
  • Robert Schoefbeck
  • Roman Lavicka
  • Simon Platzer
  • Suchita Kulkarni
  • Suman Chatterjee
  • Valentyna Mokina
  • Wolfgang Lucha
FAKT Workshop 2022: Particle Physics Retreat
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