8th International symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources - NIBS'22

from Sunday, October 2, 2022 (3:00 PM) to Friday, October 7, 2022 (6:00 PM)
Orto Botanico - Padova, Italy

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Oct 2, 2022
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Oct 7, 2022
8:00 AM
Registration (until 9:00 AM) (Foyer)
9:00 AM
Opening (until 9:20 AM) ()
9:20 AM
Oral session 1 (until 11:00 AM) (Auditorium)
9:20 AM The BO2022 project. For a history of students and graduates of the University of Padova (1222- 20th century) - Cristina LA ROCCA (Università di Padova)   (Auditorium)
9:50 AM Fundamental processes related to negative ion production of different ion species - Mamiko SASAO (Office of R&D Promotion, Doshisha University)   (Auditorium)
10:20 AM Stockli: RF (Light) Negative Ion Sources for Non-Fusion Applications, a tutorial - Dr Martin STOCKLI   (Auditorium)
11:00 AM
Coffee Break (until 11:20 AM) (Columns hall)
11:20 AM
Oral session 2 (until 1:10 PM) (Auditorium)
11:20 AM A review of the NIFS negative-ion based NBI driven with Filament-Arc (FA) discharge - Katsuyoshi TSUMORI   (Auditorium)
11:50 AM The ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility: status and perspectives - Vanni TOIGO   (Auditorium)
12:20 PM Towards low divergence beams for the ITER neutral beam injection system - Pierluigi VELTRI (ITER Organization)   (Auditorium)
12:50 PM A Method of Confirming the Operation of Active Magnetic Compensation Coils on the ITER HNBs - Dr Jamie ZACKS (ITER Organisation)   (Auditorium)
8:30 AM
Oral session 4 (until 10:30 AM) (Auditorium)
8:30 AM Paving the road towards ITER relevant long deuterium pulses at ELISE by investigating improved operational scenarios - Dirk WÜNDERLICH (Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik)   (Auditorium)
9:00 AM The negative beam source with single driver for CRAFT NNBI: design and conditioning results - yahong XIE   (Auditorium)
10:00 AM First H- Beam Extracted from the Non-Caesiated External RF-Coil Ion Source at ISIS - Dr Scott LAWRIE (UKRI)   (Auditorium)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:50 AM
Oral session 5 (until 1:00 PM) (Auditorium)
10:50 AM Numerical study of RF power coupling in fusion-relevant single- and multi-driver H^- ion sources - Dominikus ZIELKE   (Auditorium)
11:20 AM SImplified fluid models of radiofrequency and plasma density for NIO1 and design - Marco CAVENAGO (INFN-LNL)   (Auditorium)
11:50 AM Investigation of spatially resolved plasma parameter and potential distributions at the BATMAN Upgrade ion source - Stefan BRIEFI   (Auditorium)
12:20 PM Construction of a Filament-RF driven hybrid negative ion source at NIFS - Katsuyoshi TSUMORI   (Auditorium)
8:30 AM
Oral session 7 (until 10:20 AM) (Auditorium)
8:30 AM Source Performance Optimization in Cesiated Mode in ROBIN - Kaushal PANDYA (Institute for Plasma Research)   (Auditorium)
9:00 AM Plasma emission monitored via optical emission spectroscopy during the Cs conditioning at SPIDER - Isabella MARIO   (Auditorium)
9:20 AM Experimental results of the SPIDER negative ion accelerator in view of the next operations - emanuele SARTORI   (Auditorium)
9:50 AM Progress in the development of negative ion beam source in Korea - Min PARK (Korea institute of Fusion Energy (KFE))   (Auditorium)
10:20 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:40 AM
Oral session 8 (until 12:40 PM) (Auditorium)
10:40 AM 120 mA Operation of J-PARC Cesiated RF-Driven Hˉ Ion Source - Akira UENO   (Auditorium)
11:10 AM Over 7200 hours commissioning of RF-driven negative hydrogen ion source developed at CSNS - Dr Weidong CHEN (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)   (Auditorium)
11:40 AM Discoloration of RF antenna coil surface after long-term operation of J-PARC ion source - Dr Takanori SHIBATA (KEK)   (Auditorium)
12:00 PM Correlation H- beam properties to Cs-coverage - Jacques LETTRY (CERN)   (Auditorium)
8:30 AM
Poster Session 2 (until 11:00 AM) ()
8:30 AM Characteristics of co-extracted electrons reduction for the Cs-free negative ion source using TPDsheet-U - Taiga GOKA (Tokai university)   ()
8:35 AM Overview of MITICA diagnostics design and procurement - Roberto PASQUALOTTO (Consorzio RFX)   ()
8:40 AM Energy distribution of fragments in H2 dissociation by electron impact for the use in numerical models - emanuele SARTORI   ()
8:45 AM Characteristics of extracted negative ion beam using electron emitters on the Cs-free negative ion source TPDsheet-U - Ryuichi ONUMA   ()
8:50 AM Development of Cs-injection System for KFE RF hydrogen Negative Ion Beam Source - Byungkeun NA (Korea Institute of Fusion Energy)   ()
8:55 AM Laser Powder Bed Fusion: an innovative production method for creating components and devices for Nuclear Physics - Ms Silvia CANDELA (INFN, CRF) Ms Valentina CANDELA (INFN, CRF)   ()
9:00 AM Effects of different particle injection models on the results of PIC simulation - Hongyu WU (HUST)   ()
9:05 AM The Effect of Beam Chopping on the Emittance Growth of Negative Hydrogen Ion Beam - Hui LI   ()
9:10 AM The impact of neutral beam parameters on current drive and neutron yield in DEMO-FNS - Pierluigi VELTRI (ITER Organization)   ()
9:15 AM Characterization of the Plasma in SPIDER using a Cs-H Collisional Radiative model - Basile POURADIER DUTEIL   ()
9:23 AM Volume and surface effects in Cs-free regimes in NIO1 - Marco CAVENAGO (INFN-LNL)   ()
9:28 AM Work Function Measurements in BATMAN Upgrade using LEDs Revealing Remarkably Low Values - Jacob M BERNER   ()
9:33 AM H- Beam formation simulation in negative ion source for CERN’s Linac4 accelerator - Anna VNUCHENKO (CERN)   ()
9:43 AM Spider plasma emission between 300 nm and 900 nm in different operative conditions - Barbara ZANIOL (Consorzio RFX)   ()
9:48 AM Highly electronegative plasma conditions in the SPIDER negative ion source - Carlo POGGI emanuele SARTORI (unipd)   ()
9:53 AM Study of the relationship between the source complexity and the beam divergence and homogeneity in SPIDER - Margherita UGOLETTI   ()
9:58 AM Preliminary design of tungsten wire calorimeter for CRAFT NNBI - Mrs ling YU (institute of plasma physics, chinese academy of science)   ()
10:03 AM Laser-assisted negative ion production in caesium sputter ion source - Akbar HOSSAIN (University of Jyväskylä)   ()
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8:30 AM
Oral session 11 (until 10:30 AM) (Teaching Room 3rd floor)
8:30 AM Repercussions of the magnetic filter field and the extraction aperture configurations on the negative ion beam properties: insights from a Particle-In-Cell model. - Dr gwenael FUBIANI (CNRS)   (Teaching Room 3rd floor)
9:00 AM Study of plasma meniscus including the surface produced negative ions by using PIC-MCC simulation - Kenji MIYAMOTO   (Teaching Room 3rd floor)
9:30 AM Dynamic responses of negative ion meniscus to externally applied RF field - Prof. Kenichi NAGAOKA (National Institute for Fusion Science)   (Teaching Room 3rd floor)
10:00 AM BATMAN Upgrade: general results from beam optics studies - Christian WIMMER (Max-Planck-Inst. f. Plasmaphysik)   (Teaching Room 3rd floor)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:50 AM
Oral session 12 (until 1:20 PM) (Teaching Room 3rd floor)
10:50 AM Simple beam energy recovery as alternative to Residual Ion dump in Neutral Ion Beam Injections - Vincenzo VARIALE (Universita e INFN, Bari (IT))   (Teaching Room 3rd floor)
11:20 AM Utilization of Compact ECR plasma source for large area H- ion production - Shweta SHARMA   (Teaching Room 3rd floor)
11:50 AM Experimental Characterization and Theoretical Studies of ECR Produced Hydrogen Plasma Ion Beams - RAMESH NARAYANAN (Department of Energy Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India) Ms Priti SINGH (Department of Energy Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)   (Teaching Room 3rd floor)
12:20 PM Photo-assisted Cl-, Br- and I- production in cesium sputter ion source - Mr Akbar HOSSAIN (University of Jyväskylä)   (Teaching Room 3rd floor)
4:00 PM
Registration (until 6:00 PM) ()
1:10 PM
Lunch (until 2:40 PM) ()
2:40 PM
Oral session 3 (until 4:40 PM) (Auditorium)
2:40 PM Ultra-low work function of caesiated surfaces and impact of specific hydrogen plasma species - Adrian HEILER   (Auditorium)
3:10 PM Effect due to Cs injection upon the beam current oscillation extracted from the J-PARC negative hydrogen ion source - Prof. Motoi WADA (Doshisha University)   (Auditorium)
3:30 PM Mach probe diagnostic for determining positive ion fluxes in H$^-$ ion sources - Mr Vinzenz WOLF (AG Experimentelle Plasmaphysik, Universität Augsburg, 86135 Augsburg, DE)   (Auditorium)
3:50 PM Photoelectric current measurement of plasma grid materials for a compact H- ion source - Ms Mayuko NISHIWAKI   (Auditorium)
4:20 PM Exploring Cesium and H- beam properties internal to the LANSCE H- Ion Source using Resonant Absorption Spectroscopy and Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy - Dr David KLEINJAN (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Auditorium)
4:40 PM --- Coffee Break ---
5:05 PM
Guided tour to Botanical Garden (until 6:35 PM) ()
6:45 PM
Welcome Reception - food and wine (until 9:45 PM) ()
1:00 PM --- Lunch ---
2:30 PM
Oral session 6 (until 4:30 PM) (Auditorium)
2:40 PM RF-driven negative ion sources for fusion - Prof. Ursel FANTZ   (Auditorium)
3:10 PM Negative and positive ion density in front of negative ion production surface in large-scaled negative ion source for fusion - Haruhisa NAKANO (National Institute for Fusion Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences)   (Auditorium)
3:40 PM Key parameters for the ion velocity distribution at the plasma meniscus of a caesiated negative ion source - Antonio PIMAZZONI   (Auditorium)
4:10 PM Langmuir-probe measurement in the vicinity of plasma grid aperture of hydrogen negative ion source - engrhyt RATTANAWONGNARA   (Auditorium)
5:30 PM
Poster session 1 (until 7:30 PM) ()
5:30 PM Summary of caesium evaporation and deposition during SPIDER’s first campaign - Michele FADONE   ()
5:35 PM Effect of plasma grid and bias plate biasing on the SPIDER negative ion beam - matteo AGOSTINI   ()
5:40 PM Comparison among possible design solutions for the Stray Field Shielding System of the DTT Neutral Beam Injector - Fabio VERONESE (Consorzio RFX)   ()
5:45 PM Study on the stitching method of beam target infrared image based on local transformation - Dr yongjian XU (institute of plasma physics, chinese academy of science) Ms liping CHEN (institute of plasma physics, chinese academy of science)   ()
5:55 PM Design and test of a module of a breathable Electrostatic Shield for the MITICA 1 MV negative Ion Beam Source - Giuseppe CHITARIN (University of Padova and Consorzio RFX)   ()
6:00 PM Investigations on Cs dispersion and Mo coating on SPIDER components - Ms Caterina CAVALLINI Ms Valentina CANDELA   ()
6:05 PM Study and development of diagnostic systems to characterise the extraction region in SPIDER - Beatrice SEGALINI   ()
6:10 PM Optimization of a negative oxygen ion beam - Jia HAN (Université de Lausanne)   ()
6:15 PM Observation of beamlet displacement and parallelism in NIO1 - Marco CAVENAGO (INFN-LNL) Margherita UGOLETTI   ()
6:20 PM Numerical and experimental investigations of a microwave interferometer for the negative ion source SPIDER - Dr Riccardo AGNELLO (EPFL - Consorzio RFX)   ()
6:25 PM Drift and non-uniformity mitigation in H- source with Plasma Ion Funnels - Vincenzo VARIALE (Universita e INFN, Bari (IT))   ()
6:30 PM Direct current measurements of the SPIDER beam: a comparison to existing beam diagnostics - Alastair SHEPHERD   ()
6:35 PM Three-dimensional calculations of the inductive coupling between radio-frequency waves and plasma in the drivers of the SPIDER device - Daniel LÓPEZ-BRUNA (Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión, CIEMAT)   ()
6:40 PM Influence of different magnetic configurations on plasma parameters in SPIDER device - Roman ZAGORSKI   ()
6:45 PM Numerical study of the plasma meniscus shape and beam optics in RF negative ion sources - Mr Katsuya HAYASHI (Keio University)   ()
6:50 PM Creating negative ion beams from neutral gases using a negative Hydrogen ion source - Andrew PAUL   ()
6:55 PM Continuous pulse advances in the negative ion source NIO1 - Dr Marco BARBISAN (Consorzio RFX (CNR, ENEA, INFN, Università di Padova, Acciaierie Venete SpA))   ()
7:00 PM Development of a Negative Helium Ion Source with Non-Metallic Charge Exchange - Philip JACKLE (Simon Fraser University)   ()
12:40 PM --- Lunch ---
2:10 PM
Oral session 9 (until 4:40 PM) (Auditorium)
2:10 PM Caesium Balance of the ISIS H$^-$ Penning Ion Source in Long Pulse Operation - Olli Antero TARVAINEN (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)   (Auditorium)
2:40 PM Plasma Electrode Materials for Cs-free Negative hydrogen ion Sources - Mamiko SASAO (Office of R&D Promotion, Doshisha University)   (Auditorium)
3:10 PM The effect of oxygen impurities on a caesium-covered Mo(001) surface: insights from Molecular Dynamics simulations for negative ion sources. - MARIA RUTIGLIANO (CNR-ISTP (Istituto per la Scienza e Tecnologia dei Plasmi))   (Auditorium)
3:40 PM Rotational and vibrational temperatures of Hydrogen nonequilibrium plasmas from Fulcher band emission spectra - Domenico BRUNO (ISTP - CNR)   (Auditorium)
4:10 PM Development and Commissioning of a Hydrogen Ion Source for the CERN ALPHA Experiment - Mark Andrew JOHNSON (Science and Technology Facilities Council - ASTeC)   (Auditorium)
4:40 PM --- Coffee Break ---
5:00 PM
Oral session10 (until 7:00 PM) (Auditorium)
5:00 PM Operation and Research Activities on the Three H- Injector Systems at the Spallation Neutron Source - Baoxi HAN   (Auditorium)
5:30 PM An H- Surface Plasma Source for the ESS Storage Ring - Prof. vadim DUDNIKOV (muons, Inc)   (Auditorium)
5:50 PM Recent H− ion source research and development at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Rob WELTON   (Auditorium)
6:20 PM Increasing the H- output current and Reducing Performance Variations of the SNS H- Source - Martin STOCKLI   (Auditorium)
8:30 PM
Conference Dinner (until 11:30 PM) (Sala Rossini)
1:00 PM
Excursion (until 8:30 PM) ()
12:50 PM --- Lunch ---
1:50 PM
Closing (until 2:50 PM) (Teaching room 3rd floor)
2:50 PM
Guided visit to RFX and NBTF (until 4:50 PM) ()
4:50 PM --- Bus transfer to Padova downtown ---