ASP Online Seminars: Genius in Africa

by Jesutofunmi Ayo Fajemisin (University of South Florida, USA)



Genius in Africa (GiA) is a platform that searches out the best and most promising students in the rural areas of Africa. Our main mandate is to reach out to rural geniuses and also support them towards achieving their goals.

Rural geniuses in this context are both the reached (via technology) and the unreached talents across the continents that have mastered the art of doing much with the little resources available.

In their day-to-day activities, children can be subjected to misinformation under the disguise of religion and other organized philosophical ideas. The quality of information they are exposed to at an early age has a greater influence on who they will become in the future. Many of these children have skills in different vocations like hunting, cooking, and even arithmetic through buying and selling. The question here is, "How do we maximize these talents and, through them, raise the next generation of solution providers across all aspects of life?"

Through outreach, book support, and other promising media, GiA is designed with the purpose of reaching out to our rural geniuses across the continent. GiA proposes to develop an effective outreach and communication strategy for young pupils to channel them toward education and training, keep them away from bad influences and misinformation, and support their societal growth.

Organized by

Jesutofunmi Ayo Fajemisin (ASP2018 Alumna)

  • Charles Kwame Bandoh
  • ebode onyie fabien
  • Emmanuel Olawale
  • Hadhemi Nfissi
  • Herman Winick
  • Jephthah Iyaro
  • Jespere Calderone Nzobadila Ondze
  • Jesutofunmi Fajemisin
  • Justina Achuka
  • Kayode DADA
  • Ketevi Adikle Assamagan
  • Michael Oluwole
  • Michael Oyelakin
  • Mohamed Zaazoua
  • Mounia Laassiri
  • Okiki Quadri
  • Pannan Kyesmen
  • Toivo Samuel Mabote
  • Xola Mapekula
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