Jun 22 – 24, 2022
Asia/Bangkok timezone
Please refer to the main conference page for registration and payment. Abstract submission will be processed after payment validation.

Abstract Submission Guideline

Please be reminded that any processed paper (including but not limited to, rejected paper from the publisher, withdraw by author, etc.) the paid publication fee and other processing fee are non-refundable.

  1. Abstract submission
    1. Click on the "Call for Abstracts" menu, then click "Submit new abstract".
    2. Please fill title, content, and summary (not mandatory). The special characters in content and summary should be typed as LaTeX formulae . [example] [How to convert your Eq. in MSword to Latex]
    3. Choose type of contribution.
    4. Choose primary authors, and co-authors. In case you are primary author, you can search your name in "Add primary user". For co-authors, if they already registered to this conference, you can also search for them.
    5. After finish, you will get the confirmation email.
    6. Note that, after submission (both abstract and paper), you can modify them at any times before they are assigned to committee, and after you get feedbacks from committee. The abstract (and paper) will not be allowed to modify during the consideration period. To Edit the Abstract:
      1. Press "View my Abstract".
      2. Press on your abstract's title.
      3. Click on "Pencil" icon.
      4. Modify your abstract and save it.
      5. Please don't resubmit your revision from "Submit Abstract".
  2. Manuscript submission (to be confirm with IOP)
    1. Manuscript template is available in this link:  
      More details about guide for authors can be read from here.

Information about peer review policy [Click]