Aug 1 – 5, 2022
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Conceptual design of a magnetic data aquisition system in fusion experiments

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As magnetic fusion draws closer to commercial viability, experiment pulse
duration increases and requirements for data acquisition systems change.
We present the conceptual design of carrier board for isolated, dual-channel,
2MSPS 18bit ADC modules designed with the requirements of COMPASS-U and other
future experiments in mind.

The carrier board was designed to be compatible with the Advanced
Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) standard, an industry
standard, used previously on physics experiments. The standard was chosen due
to its multiple redundancies and industry proven reliability.

The board will use a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ system on a module (SoM)
as the main processing element, it was chosen taking processing power, I/O pin
count and availability into consideration.

The SoM is responsible for interfacing the ADC modules, pre-processing
the acquired data and sending it over to a control PC for storage and
for real-time control purposes.

Each carrier board is connected to a management board through a PCI express
link transported by the ATCA backplane. The management board contains a PCIe
switch responsible for aggregating all the PCIe links into an optical link to
the control PC. It is also responsible for receiving timing and trigger signals
from the master experiment controllers and distributing them to the carrier

The design fits 24 modules in each carrier board, optimizing the cost per
channel. A standard 14 slot ATCA crate is able to fit 12 carrier boards and two
redundant management boards for a total of 576 channels per crate.

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