Aug 1 – 5, 2022
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, IRIS building, Adlershof
Europe/Zurich timezone

Venue, local transport, accommodation

Conference venue:

The conference venue is the IRIS building, part of the science campus of HU Berlin, in Adlershof, south-east of Berlin. There is an S-Bahn station about a 10-minute walk from the venue, and a tram and bus line that stop a little closer by. The immediate area has a large supermarket and various restaurants. Please note that local restaurants may close by 8 or 9 PM, since we are not in the city center.

Local transport:
Berlin has a good public transport system. If you would like to use this, we advise you to take advantage of a special scheme by which you can buy a "9 euro ticket" that is valid for all local public transport in Germany, for the entire month of August. Since this is valid for whole calendar months only, this likely does not make sense for possible travel at the end of July.
When not using the 9 euro ticket, please note that Berlin's public transport system functions in regions. The city center is region A, the campus is in region B, the airport is in region C. Your ticket (AB, BC, or ABC) needs to cover all regions you enter on your trip.
There are direct light-rail (S-bahn) trains from Berlin Airport to the Adlershof campus and the city center. To get to the Adlershof station you can take both the S9 and S45 lines from the Berlin airport station.
To get to Adlershof from the central train station, the most convenient option is tot take the S9 direction Airport Berlin, which goes directly past Adlershof. This runs every 20 minutes. For alternatives, we recommend checking e.g. google maps for directions at the time of your travel.


Accommodation for speakers will be booked directly by the organisation. For other participants, there are three options for accommodation within a few minutes’ walk from the conference venue. We have blocked some rooms in each of these options, details below. Please do not book until your registration has been approved. The options are:

Adapt apartments (

Here we have reserved studios of type ADAPT 1 (1 room, about 34m2), at a rate of 88.20 EUR/night. These are reserved until 30 June 2022, and can be booked by mentioning the code "IRIS", online, by email, or on the phone. Double studios are also available in general. Breakfast can be booked for another EUR 14.00/day. Please note that this is served at the Airporthotel.

Airporthotel Adlershof (

Here we have reserved business rooms and studio apartments, at a rate of 67 EUR/night for a single room, 87 EUR/night for a studio. Double room and double studio are 84 EUR/night and 102 EUR/night respectively. These are reserved until 2 July 2022, and can be booked by mentioning the code "IRIS", online, by email, or on the phone. Breakfast can be booked for EUR 13.00/day on arrival or EUR 15.00/day in the morning.

Hotel Essential by Dorint (

Here we have reserved single and double rooms, at a rate of 86 EUR/night, and 105 EUR/night respectively, including breakfast (rates reduce by 9 EUR/day without breakfast). These are reserved partially until 2 July 2022, partially until 16 July 2022, and can be booked by mentioning the code "IRIS", online, by email, or on the phone. We do not have many rooms reserved here.

In all cases, there may be more rooms available than we reserved, and there may be availability after the reservation deadline, but we recommend you book before then. There are further suitable options available in the area, but these are beyond immediate walking distance. Slightly further, the Schöneweide neighborhood is a reasonable option that is well-connected by public transport. It is of course also possible to stay in the livelier parts of Berlin, but please note that this typically means a 30 to 50-minute commute (Neukölln, Alt-Treptow, Kreuzberg, and Friedrichshain are geographically closest to Adlershof, in that order).