November 11, 2021 to July 1, 2024
Europe/Zurich timezone

The goal of this online seminar is to bring Theoretical Physics closer to experiment and to discuss current topics in high energy theory, cosmology & astrophysics. This intends to renew & continue the tradition of "Proca seminars" (1946-1955) initiated by Alexandru Proca.  The seminar lasts 1h, followed by a questions session of no exact time limit (usually 1/2h). The talks & zoom links are also found here.

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Title:            Constraining torsion theories with Weyl (gauge) invariance          

Speaker:      Dario Sauro  (University of Pisa, Italy)

Date:             Thursday 8 Feb 2024, 13:00h  Paris time  (GMT+1),  21:00h Seoul time (GMT+9)

Zoom   Link:   Click here

Abstract:  Torsionful theories of gravity with local SO(3,1)xD(1) invariance generally propagate two vector degrees of freedom, i.e., the torsion vector and the Weyl vector potential. We show that these are tightly intertwined by imposing a projective symmetry on the theory: this enables us to get rid of the Weyl potential and to interpret the torsion vector as the connection 1-form for Weyl gauge invariance. By further imposing a second type of projective invariance we can get rid of the torsion vector too, obtaining a conformal theory. Thence, we focus on the tensor irrep of the torsion, which is unaffected by Weyl transformations, and we derive its conformal quadratic action. We conclude by making remarks about the general features of Weyl gauge invariant theories with torsion.