WG1 Optimized Neutrino Factory for small and large $\theta_{13}$

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Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla (IFIC, CSIC-Universiy of Valencia)


In this talk, I will discuss the baseline and energy optimization of the Neutrino Factory including the latest simulation results on the magnetized iron detector (MIND). We find that in case of small $\theta_{13}$, baselines of about 2500 to 5000 km is the optimal choice for the CP violation measurement with $E_{\mu}$ as low as 12 GeV can be considered. However, for large $\theta_{13}$, we show that the lower threshold and the backgrounds reconstructed at lower energies allow in fact for muon energies as low as 5 GeV at considerably shorter baselines, such as FNAL-Homestake. This indicates that with the latest MIND simulation, low- and high-energy versions of the Neutrino Factory are just two different forms of the same experiment optimized for different parts of the parameter space.

Primary author

Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla (IFIC, CSIC-Universiy of Valencia)


Mr Jian Tang (University of Wurzburg) Prof. Patrick Huber (Department of Physics, Virginia Tech) Prof. Walter Winter (University of Wurzburg)

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