WG1: Optimisation of the Low-Energy Neutrino Factory

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Peter Ballett (IPPP, Durham University)


The Low-Energy Neutrino Factory (LENF) is a single-baseline neutrino factory operating with typical stored-muon energies less than 10 GeV. The idea behind this design is to exploit the richness of the oscillation spectrum at lower energies to achieve a strong sensitivity to the fundamental parameters whilst also mitigating the effect of degeneracies. Preliminary studies of the LENF have shown that it can meet these expectations well and can provide a competitive performance to the conventional neutrino factory of the IDS design, especially in scenarios when theta13 takes relatively large values. In this talk, I will present work towards the optimisation of such a facility. In particular, we have investigated how the performance of the LENF depends upon the choice of baseline distance and stored-muon energy. The parameter ranges that we have studied connect the choices traditionally associated with the LENF to those of the higher-energy neutrino factory. Understanding this region of parameter space helps us to view the two designs as extreme ends of a spectrum of possible configurations whilst also allowing us to report revised sensitivities of such an experiment. These results are of particular importance given the recent hints of large theta13 reported by T2K for which we will show that the LENF has an excellent discovery potential for CP-violation and the mass hierarchy.

Primary author

Peter Ballett (IPPP, Durham University)

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