Apr 18 – 22, 2011
Palais des Papes, Avignon
Europe/Paris timezone

Backreaction in the relativistic Zel’dovich approximation

Apr 19, 2011, 5:15 PM
Chambre du Trésorier (Palais des Papes, Avignon)

Chambre du Trésorier

Palais des Papes, Avignon


Alexander Wiegand (Universitaet Bielefeld)


Zel’dovich’s approximation is in Newtownian cosmology a practical tool to investigate the evolution of mildly nonlinear regions of the Universe. Its extension to the relativistic case is important for the investigation of the backreaction of inhomogeneities on the evolution history of spatial domains of the Universe. This talk presents a Lagrangian framework that allows for a one to one correspondence of Newtownian and general relativistic quantities and provides a non-perturbative backreaction model, together with domain-dependent quantitiative estimates of the backreaction effect.

Primary authors

Alexander Wiegand (Universitaet Bielefeld) Charly Nayet (ENS Lyon) Thomas Buchert (Université Lyon 1)

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