A celebration of the 10 year anniversary since the ATLAS and CMS experiments announced the discovery of the Higgs boson with a full-day virtual scientific symposium themed  “Celebration of the Higgs Anniversary -  4th July from Africa”.  CERN is also hosting a celebration. This great achievement of the 21st Century is global and there are other celebrations in other continents, regions and countries. This is the celebration event highlighting the African participation. The talks will present an historical overview as well as the current situation and future prospects for the  programmes of the African countries, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa, these  being current members of the ATLAS and CMS collaborations.  

The African Scientific Diaspora at CERN and also the African countries that do not yet have a membership of a HEP experiment at CERN will take part in this celebration as a 5th region (as in the AU terminology). There will also be  speakers representing both experiments ATLAS and CMS. The Opening is by the African Physical Society followed by the Presentations by ATLAS, CMS and African Scientists and the Closing is by the African Academy of Sciences. 

 Committee chairs:
    Farida Fassi (Mohammed V University In Rabat, Faculty of Sciences)
    Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed (Fayoum University, Egypt)
    Simon Connell (University of Johannesburg, South Africa)