PPA Information Resource Summit

Redwood Conference Rooms A,B,C,D (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)

Redwood Conference Rooms A,B,C,D

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

2575 Sand Hill Rd. Menlo Park, CA
Ann Redfield (SLAC), Patricia Kreitz (SLAC), Travis Brooks (SLAC)
By Invitation Only A summit of information providers in the fields of Particle and Particle Astrophysics. Attendees will include the SPIRES collaboration, ADS, CERN Library, journal publishers, and others involved in providing access to information in these fields.
Local area information
Talk Guidelines
  • Abraham Wheeler
  • Ann Redfield
  • Annette Holtkamp
  • Anurag Acharya
  • Bob Kelly
  • Charles (Chuck) Boeheim
  • Christian Caron
  • Christopher Leonard
  • David Clark
  • Enrico Maria Balli
  • Erick Weinberg
  • Frank Topper
  • Gene Sprouse
  • Gigi Rolandi
  • Heath O'Connell
  • Jens Vigen
  • John Haynes
  • Juerg Beringer
  • Kirsten Sachs
  • Lali Chatterjee
  • Michael Barnett
  • Michael Gordon
  • Michael Kurtz
  • Mike Sullivan
  • Mike Whalley
  • Nicole Thomas
  • Patricia Kreitz
  • Piotr Zyla
  • Richard P. Mount
  • Rob Atkinson
  • Rudiger Voss
  • Salvatore Mele
  • Simeon Warner
  • Thorsten Schwander
  • Tim Smith
  • Tom Abel
  • Travis Brooks
  • Urs M. Heller