Paths to Quantum Field Theory 2022



The workshop will take place in Durham, UK from 15th-20th of August. All talks will take place in Scott Logic Lecture Theater in the Mathematical Sciences/Computer Sciences building. The workshop is designed to bring a small number of expert speakers across the fields related to quantum field theory, including high-energy, nuclear and condensed matter physics, applying a range of techniques from numerical to theoretical and hybrid approaches. A typical day will consist of only two talks, with 2 hour slots available to to speakers to use as they wish. The idea of these loose time constraints is to encourage a slow pace, with a thorough introduction and to encourage questions and discussions during the talks, without much pressure of running out of time. The workshop will also be full of informal discussions. Further, we hope that a number of junior researchers will join as participants in discussing and posing insightful questions.


Link to the YouTube channel:


Confirmed speakers:

Sean Hartnoll
Zohar Komargodski
Srimoyee Sen
Yi-Zhuang You
John McGreevy
Olexei Motrunich
Julian Sonner
Sid Parmeswaran
Kedar Damle 



Costas Bachas
Iñaki García Etxebarria
Nabil Iqbal
Max Metlitski
Anders Sandvik
Tin Sulejmanpasic
David Tong

>> Special thanks to Trish Parkin and Lucca Fazza for administrative and technical support <<


  • Alistair Chopping
  • Anders Sandvik
  • Arpit Das
  • Constantin Bachas
  • Daining Xiao
  • David Tong
  • Felipe Diaz
  • Gabriel Arenas-Henriquez
  • Gabriel Francisco Cuomo
  • Guangyu Xu
  • Hanqing Liu
  • Iñaki García Etxebarria
  • John McGreevy
  • Julian Sonner
  • Kaan Onder
  • Kedar Damle
  • Lucca Marcon
  • Mario Martone
  • Mathew Bullimore
  • Maxim Metlitski
  • Mendel Nguyen
  • Michael Levin
  • Nabil Iqbal
  • Nakarin Lohitsiri
  • Nick Bultinck
  • Olexei Motrunich
  • Pietro Pelliconi
  • Saghar Hosseini
  • Samson Chan
  • Sean Hartnoll
  • Sid Parmeswaran
  • Simon Ross
  • Sounak Biswas
  • Srimoyee Sen
  • Thomas Bartsch
  • Tin Sulejmanpasic
  • Yi-Zhuang You
  • Yuya Tanizaki
  • Zohar Komargodski
Tin Sulejmanpasic