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Present status of spectroscopy of the hyperfine structure and repolarization of muonic helium atoms at J-PARC

May 26, 2023, 9:30 AM
Oral presentation spectroscopy of exotic atoms Friday 1


Seiso Fukumura (Nagoya University)


abstract provided as attached pdf-file

Primary author

Seiso Fukumura (Nagoya University)


Hirohiko Shimizu Hiroki Tada (Nagoya University) Hiroyuki Torii (University of Tokyo (JP)) Koichiro Shimomura (KEK) Masaaki Kitaguchi (Nagoya University) Patrick Strasser (KEK) Ryoto Iwai (KEK) Shiori Kawamura (Nagoya University) Shoichiro Nishimura Dr Sohtaro Kanda Takashi Ino (KEK) Takayuki Oku (JAEA) Takuya Okudaira (Nagoya University) Yu Goto (Nagoya University)

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