CERN UK Quantum Technology Roadshow


Collaborate with CERN to solve your problems in quantum technology


Quantum technologies are set to revolutionise our world by applying the seemingly mysterious laws of physics at the smallest scales to real-world applications like computing, communications, sensing and imaging.

Many of the extreme requirements encountered in quantum technology are shared with high energy physics, such as superconducting materials, ultra-high vacuums, precise timing and more. For this reason, CERN has built up a wealth of expertise and specific technologies that can directly address challenges in the quantum industry across a broad range of applications.

Between 11th - 14th July 2022, CERN will be visiting different locations within the UK to spark collaborations with companies in the quantum industry.

CERN is hosting an event at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire on 11th July 2022  in collaboration with STFC. This will be open to companies within the quantum technology industry, and will provide an opportunity to find out how CERN’s technology can benefit your company. It is also a chance to meet CERN's Knowledge Transfer Team one-to-one to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. 

Please see the full schedule at the bottom of this page, which includes speakers from the UK National Quantum Computing Centre and the UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Timing.

Additionally, CERN will be available for one-to-one meetings with companies to discus collaboration opportunities in Birmingham on 13th July 2022 and Glasgow on 14th July 2022. Please note that the event in London on 12th July is fully booked.

Please email kt.quantum@cern if you are interested in arranging a meeting.


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