Madgraph5 GPU development

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Virtual (Zoom)

Madgraph5 GPU development
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Stefan Roiser
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# Madgraph dev meeting Mon 20.06.2022

Present: SR, SH, AV (notes), CV, TC, WH
Excused: OM

## AV slides


Rehearsal: next meeting Thu 30 at 1500

## Round table

SH: ntr was on holiday

CV: can you merge the PR on alpak? SR/AV: will have a look.

CV: now looking at sycl, built the compiler and trying to build madgraph
SR: maybe one idea could be to containerize it
AV: similarly, tried to get SP-SFT or openlab to install sycl on cvmfs

WH: working on updating kokkos to include the madevent interface as in cudacpp
But still need to recover the setup of kokkos, also in collaboration with Nathan

TC: ntr, working on slides, adding plots from Nathan
AV: maybe have a chat with Josh McFayden about using this in ATLAS
WH: note that MG in ATLAS at LO is used only for a few signal samples
(but WH is trying to push this in the susy group for instance!...)
WH: please include me when you discuss with Josh

SR: we have submitted a "CIPEA" project at CERN about environmental impact,
and we want to measure power consumption of madgraph (and otherw workflows) on CPUs and GPUs

SR: also continuining on color matrix, with little time to work on it however

## AOB

Next meeting Thu 30 June 3pm

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