Sep 19 – 23, 2022
Europe/Ljubljana timezone
EPICS collaboration meeting is a hybrid event; an in-person and a virtual event

Workshops and Trainings


The workshops create a platform for presentation and discussion of specific topics in a more intimate setting, in more depth, and with fewer time constraints than during plenary sessions.

Workshop organizers are responsible for managing their event and its agenda; please contact them directly on how to contribute and with other questions.

The workshops will be giving short reports in a plenary session. We will try to make the workshop materials available on this website.

Monday 19 September 

  • 15:30-17:30 EPICS 7 (afternoon)

Kay Kasemir will host a workshop on: 
1) "PVA Introduction"
2) "Java PVA API"
The link to the website for more info is here

Tuesday 20 September

  • 9:30 - 11:30 Session  Timing (morning)

Jukka Pietarinen will organize a Timing workshop for MRF Timing System users to discuss issues, solutions, and future requests and requirements.

  • 12:45 - 14:45, Session Build and Deployment (afternoon)

Ralph Lange will organize a build and deployment workshop.
Shared NFS, tar archives, OS system packages (choco, Deb, RPM), containers, AppImage, Flatpack, Conda,... ?! There are many ways to build EPICS modules and applications, deploy them to the testing and production systems and run their IOCs.
We will be revisiting the different solutions presented at the Collaboration meeting in 2019, discussing their requirements, advantages and drawbacks, and identifying common areas of interest that could be worked upon collaboratively.

  • 15:00 -17:00, Session Motion Control (afternoon) 

Torsten Bögershausen Torsten Bögershausen will lead the workshop.
What is it about? Come together, meet people, exchange experiences, and learn from each other. Tentative agenda.