Sep 19 – 23, 2022
Europe/Ljubljana timezone
EPICS collaboration meeting is a hybrid event; an in-person and a virtual event

Local Logistics

Information about the venue

From 19. to 20. 9. 2022, we will organize workshops at the Cosylab offices. 
Venue information is Cosylab, Gerbičeva ulica 64 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (Go to map).

The EPICS Collaboration Meeting will be from 21. to 23. 9.2022 near the Jožef Stefan Institute.
Venue information is Jožef Stefan Institute, Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (Go to map).


How to get to us 

The meeting will take place at the Cosylab HQ building and the premises of our co-host, the Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Both of these locations are in the southwest part of Ljubljana.

The nearest are bus lines 1 and 6. The closest bus station for line 6 is "Glince".

But for line 1, the closest station to Institut Jožef Stefan is station "Jadranska", and the closest station to Cosylab is "Gerbičeva".


How to get to dinner

The dinner is on Wednesday at 19.00 at restaurant Via Bona, Tbilisijska cesta 59,

From the workshop venue, it is easiest to walk (map below). Minca will wait for any candidates at the IJS main (security) gate at 18.30.

The best bus station is station Vič - line #6 (also for going back to the city center after the dinner):

The bus schedule (towards the city):

Taxis are always a possibility. Some options: