Apr 23 – 27, 2023
JMS Aster Plaza
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Measurements of weak boson production via electrons in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$ 13 TeV with ALICE

Apr 25, 2023, 5:40 PM
Multi-Purpose Studio, 2nd Floor (JMS Aster Plaza)

Multi-Purpose Studio, 2nd Floor

JMS Aster Plaza

Poster Electromagnetic probes Poster Session


Shingo Sakai (University of Tsukuba (JP))


Measurements of weak bosons, W$^{\pm}$ and Z$^{0}$, are powerful tools to study quantum chromodynamics (QCD). Due to their large masses, they are predominantly produced via quark-antiquark annihilation in the early stage of pp and heavy-ion collisions. Therefore, their production can be described by the perturbative QCD (pQCD) and is sensitive to the parton distribution function in nucleon and nucleus.

In this presentation, a measurement of the $p_{\mathrm{{T}}}$-differential cross section for W$^{\pm}$ bosons via their leptonic decay at midrapidity ($|\eta|$ $<$ 0.6) in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$ 13 TeV is presented. In addition, the production cross section for $Z^{0}$ bosons reconstructed by electron-positron pairs will be shown. The production of W$^{\pm}$ measured as a function of the charged-particle multiplicity in pp collisions together with the associated hadrons is also shown. The results are compared with a prediction based on pQCD calculations.

Theory / experiment Experiment
Group or collaboration name ALICE collaboration

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Shingo Sakai (University of Tsukuba (JP))

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