Belgian-Dutch Gravitational Wave Meeting 2022

Vergaderzaal 2.3 August Vermeylen (Het Pand)

Vergaderzaal 2.3 August Vermeylen

Het Pand

Onderbergen 1, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
Archisman Ghosh (Ghent University), Daniela Pascucci (Ghent University), Gergely Dálya (Ghent University)

The 10th edition of the Belgian-Dutch Gravitational Wave Meeting will take place in Ghent on Oct 13-14 2022. This annual meeting aims to bring together physicists and astronomers interested in gravitational-wave science, particularly in the Belgian-Dutch-German border region, to inform each other of recent developments and new projects. As in the previous years, the meeting with start with a keynote lecture. It will be followed by overview talks on general topics and experiments. In addition there will contributed talks on specific projects, for which preference will given to students and postdocs.

How to find August Vermeylen? It is on the left after you enter Het Pand and on the second floor. Coffee is served in the cloister half-a-floor below August Vermeylen.

Announcements 12 Oct 2022:

  • The schedule of talks is now final with no major changes with respect to the previous version. We will start every session a bit early in order to have some buffer time between the talks.
  • Speakers of contributed sessions, you will not use your own laptops for the presentations, but a common computer. Please upload your talks on indico well-in-advance of your presentation time. It may be prudent to upload a preliminary version of your talk and update it later. In case you are not able to access the indico, please send your talk to one of us, well in advance, depending on the session.
    • Thursday afternoon: Gergely Dálya <>
    • Friday morning: Daniela Pascucci <>
    • Friday afternoon: Archisman Ghosh <>
  • Session chairs, please be strict with the time. The times of the coffee breaks and lunch are fixed. The reception on Thursday evening has to end at 18:30.
  • All attendees, in case you are not able to come to the event in person, or are planning to come on only one of the two days, please do update this in your registration (or otherwise let us know). We are still a bit oversubscribed given the number of seats in the auditorium.
  • Online participants, a Zoom link is now available under Remote Participation.

Announcements 01 Oct 2022:

  • A preliminary schedule of talks is now available.
  • FOR CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS: We have a waiting list of pending participants. If you are no longer able to come for the event, we kindly request you to withdraw your registration, or alternately let us know. If you are planning to attend only one of the two days of the meeting, then also please let us know.
  • CONTRIBUTED TALKS: Most of the contributed talks are 8'+2' long. Please prepare your presentation accordingly. We will need to be quite strict with the time. We will request you to upload your slides in advance of your presentation or to send them around to one of us if you can't login on the indico. It may be prudent to have a (back-up) version that does not rely on animations.
  • POSTERS: Poster boards will fit A0 portrait posters.

Please note the following deadlines:

  • 23 Sep 2022 for abstract submission
  • 30 Sep 2022 for registration


We encourage all active junior researchers to submit an abstract!


Some notes on registration / abstract submission:

  • Some of you had registered on the older event page which is no longer active. I have manually re-registered you here. Ideally you should be able to view and modify your registration on the new page. If you are not able to do that, I would advise you to register again, and I will remove your duplicate registration. This is particularly important for students and postdocs who wish to submit an abstract.
  • Some of you had registered earlier on this page but without a password. If you create an indico account now, you should be able to associate the account with an existing registration (made without a password, but with the same email address). You should then be able to modify your registration details and submit an abstract.


Please register only if you are planning to come to the event in person. We have received some requests for remote participation. We will try to set up a Zoom channel, however primarily only following the lectures.

  • Adrien Druart
  • Alberto Mariotti
  • Alessandra Silvestri
  • Alexandra Mitchell
  • Alexandra Wernersson
  • Alice Garoffolo
  • Andreas Freise
  • Anna Balaudo
  • Anna Green
  • Antoine Depasse
  • Archisman Ghosh
  • Ariadna Ribes Metidieri
  • Arthur Offermans
  • Aäron Rase
  • Banafshe Shiralilou
  • Cezary Turski
  • Chiara Di Fronzo
  • Chinmay Kalaghatgi
  • Chris Van Den Broeck
  • Constantinos Skordis
  • David Bertram
  • Diksha Diksha
  • Eleni Bagui
  • Enzo Tapia
  • Federico De Lillo
  • Gastón Creci
  • Geoffrey Compere
  • Gergely Dálya
  • Giacomo Bruno
  • Guido Alex Iandolo
  • Guillaume Lhost
  • Hannah Duval
  • Haris Maliyamveettil
  • Harry Van Der Graaf
  • Jean-René Cudell
  • Jesse van Dongen
  • Jesus Torrado
  • Jishnu Suresh
  • Jérémie Gobeil
  • Kamiel Janssens
  • Kevin Turbang
  • Lorenzo Filipello
  • Max Lalleman
  • Maxime Fays
  • Mayana Teloi
  • Michele Maggiore
  • Miguel Vanvlasselaer
  • Milan Wils
  • Mouhamad Haidar Lakkis
  • Nathan Holland
  • Pablo A. Cano
  • Pablo Marchant
  • Paul Kuijer
  • Pengbo Li
  • Prasanta Char
  • Purnalingam Revathi
  • Rasa Jamshidi
  • Ricardo De Abreu Silvério Cabrita
  • Saša Topić
  • Sebastian Steinlechner
  • Simon Maenaut
  • Sofia Canevarolo
  • Tomasz Baka
  • Uddipta Bhardwaj
  • Viola Spagnuolo
  • Wouter van Zeist
  • Yuefan Guo
  • +52