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31/S-028 (CERN)



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We have room 31/S-028 booked for those of us who are here in person.

Cath recently gained a Post Grad certificate in the field of Usability and Accessibility and has kindly done a review of the new SSO and our various portals. Please join us to discuss with her on: 
- Her main findings
- Tools we can use

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Usability & Accessibility 


Many thanks to Cath for her contributions! 

  • Accessibility is for specific groups
    • It is the law to have a minimum level of accessibility in the EU
  • Usability is for everyone (sometimes accessible adaptations become usability improvements e.g. subtitles and curb-cuts)
  • 10 Usability Heuristics  
  • Accessibility assessment 
  • Lots of good material
  • SSO
    • Tabbing order
    • Avoid words e.g. “Click here” could be “See computing rules” 
    • Language settings 
    • “You have agreed to comply with…” needs to be linked and make sense 
    • Try on responsive design mode 
      • Centering text, line breaks etc 
    • SNOW link is wrong, and should say “Computing Services Status Board”
    • Include 2FA in brackets to allow consistent language
    • Get stuck if clicking on kerberos
    • Title for sub-page logins (e.g. guest and 2FA)
  • Users Portal
    • Why Users Portal? Too similar to Users Office. What about accounts-portal 
    • Sidebar off and correct header bar 
    • No hover on touch screens
    • ? Vs i consistency 
    • Cannot manage mail settings in manage mail settings  
    • Level of Assurance Value 
    • 2FA wording consistency
    • Add help on what LoA is
    • Maybe “My CERN Profile”
    • Check contrast
    • What is expiring or will be deleted? Put a value
    • Unexpected behaviour after clicking on info signs 
    • Always put alt text
    • Link to computing rules
    • Colouring of dates not helpful, consider date in human readable format
    • Hover over supervisor not useful for user


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