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Lake Louise Winter Institute 2023

from Sunday, February 19, 2023 (2:00 PM) to Saturday, February 25, 2023 (11:10 AM)
Chateau Lake Louise

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Feb 19, 2023
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Feb 24, 2023
Feb 25, 2023
7:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
8:25 AM
Monday - Roger Moore (until 12:00 PM) (Mt Temple A)
8:25 AM Welcome   (Mt Temple A)
8:30 AM Status of the LHC collider program (ATLAS/CMS) - Colin Jessop (University of Notre Dame (US))   (Mt Temple A)
9:30 AM The newest Higgs results at CMS - Alexei Safonov (Texas A & M University (US))   (Mt Temple A)
9:45 AM Measurements of Higgs boson properties with the ATLAS detector - Kamal Saoucha (University of Sheffield (GB))   (Mt Temple A)
10:00 AM Searching for additional Higgs bosons at ATLAS (and BSM decays of Higgs) - Antonio Sidoti (Universita e INFN, Bologna (IT))   (Mt Temple A)
10:15 AM Probing the nature of electroweak symmetry breaking with Higgs boson pairs in ATLAS - Arantxa Ruiz Martinez (Univ. of Valencia and CSIC (ES))   (Mt Temple A)
10:30 AM --- Tea break ---
10:45 AM Recent highlights of top-quark cross section and properties measurements with the ATLAS detector at the LHC - Michael James Fenton (University of California Irvine (US))   (Mt Temple A)
11:00 AM Recent results on associated top quark production and searches for new top-quark phenomena with the ATLAS detector - Knut Zoch (Universite de Geneve (CH))   (Mt Temple A)
11:15 AM Search for CP violation in the tau Yukawa coupling with CMS - Mario Sessini (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))   (Mt Temple A)
11:30 AM Measurements of vector boson production in association with jets with the ATLAS detector - Heather Russell (University of Victoria)   (Mt Temple A)
11:45 AM QCD Standard Model measurements with the ATLAS Detector - Matthew Feickert (University of Wisconsin Madison (US))   (Mt Temple A)
7:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
8:30 AM
Tuesday - Nassim Bozorgnia (until 12:00 PM) (Mt Temple A)
8:30 AM Latest updates and results from the DEAP-3600 experiment - Ashlea Amanda Kemp (Royal Holloway, University of London)   (Mt Temple A)
8:45 AM DarkSide20 - Ellen Sandford (The University of Manchester)   (Mt Temple A)
9:00 AM NEWS-G - Jean-Marie Coquillat   (Mt Temple A)
9:15 AM KDK - Lilianna Hariasz   (Mt Temple A)
9:30 AM SuperCDMS - Aditi Pradeep   (Mt Temple A)
9:45 AM LZ - Alden Fan (SLAC/Stanford)   (Mt Temple A)
10:15 AM --- Tea break ---
10:35 AM DELight - Francesco Toschi   (Mt Temple A)
10:50 AM Recent results on Dark Sector and tau lepton physics at Belle II - Sascha Simon Dreyer   (Mt Temple A)
11:05 AM Dark Sector Physics  at Babar - Steven Robertson (IPP / University of Alberta)   (Mt Temple A)
11:20 AM DarkLight - Katherine Pachal   (Mt Temple A)
11:35 AM FASER/FASERnu - Shih-Chieh Hsu (University of Washington Seattle (US))   (Mt Temple A)
7:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
8:30 AM
Wednesday - Juan Pablo Yanez (until 12:00 PM) (Mt Temple A)
8:30 AM Neutrino Physics Review - Mu-Chun Chen (University of California - Irvine)   (Mt Temple A)
9:30 AM Katrin - Bjoern Lehnert (Berkeley Lab)   (Mt Temple A)
9:45 AM Project 8 - Arina Telles (Yale University)   (Mt Temple A)
10:00 AM CUORE - Daniel Mayer   (Mt Temple A)
10:15 AM NEXO - Soud Al Kharusi   (Mt Temple A)
10:30 AM --- Tea break ---
10:45 AM CUPID - Krystal Alfonso   (Mt Temple A)
11:00 AM LEGEND - Danielle Schaper   (Mt Temple A)
11:15 AM AMoRE - Hanbeom Kim   (Mt Temple A)
11:30 AM CONUS - Nicola Ackermann   (Mt Temple A)
11:45 AM BeEST - Annika Lennarz (TRIUMF)   (Mt Temple A)
7:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
8:30 AM
Thursday - Joachim Brod (until 12:00 PM) (Mt Temple A)
8:30 AM SND - Martina Ferrillo (University of Zurich (CH))   (Mt Temple A)
8:45 AM Searches for supersymmetric particles with prompt decays with the ATLAS detector - Alberto Cervelli (Universita e INFN, Bologna (IT))   (Mt Temple A)
9:00 AM Searches for leptoquarks with the ATLAS detector - Tatjana Lenz (University of Bonn (DE))   (Mt Temple A)
9:15 AM Searches for resonances decaying to pairs of heavy bosons in ATLAS - Panagiotis Bellos (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Mt Temple A)
9:30 AM Searches for BSM physics using challenging and long-lived signatures with the ATLAS detector - Simone Pagan Griso (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US))   (Mt Temple A)
9:45 AM Probing EFT models using t(t)X in multiple lepton final states - Andrew Wightman (University of Nebraska Lincoln (US))   (Mt Temple A)
10:00 AM --- Tea break ---
10:25 AM Performing precision measurements and new physics searches at the HL-LHC with the upgraded CMS Level-1 Trigger - Jonathon Mark Langford (Imperial College (GB))   (Mt Temple A)
10:40 AM NA62 - Radoslav Marchevski (CERN)   (Mt Temple A)
10:55 AM ALICE - Hannah Bossi (Yale University (US))   (Mt Temple A)
11:25 AM PHENIX - Runa Takahama   (Mt Temple A)
7:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
8:30 AM
Friday - Zhen Liu (until 11:50 AM) (Mt Temple A)
8:45 AM Flavor Physics Review - Joachim Brod (University of Cincinnati)   (Mt Temple A)
9:45 AM Lepton Flavour Universality tests with $b \to s \ell^+ \ell^-$ decays at LHCb - Felicia Carolin Volle (Université Paris-Saclay (FR))   (Mt Temple A)
10:00 AM Commissioning and Early Data from the LHCb Upgrade - Renaud Amalric (LPNHE (Paris,FR), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))   (Mt Temple A)
10:15 AM Measurement of the tau lepton polarization in Z boson decays by CMS - Ulrich Goerlach (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))   (Mt Temple A)
10:30 AM --- Tea break ---
10:50 AM Rare B decays with leptons at Belle - Daniel Ferlewicz (The University of Melbourne)   (Mt Temple A)
11:05 AM Recent results on semileptonic, radiative, and electroweak penguin decays at Belle II - Svenja Granderath   (Mt Temple A)
11:20 AM Recent results on hadronic decays and CP violation at Belle II - Ryogo Okubo (Nagoya University)   (Mt Temple A)
11:35 AM Hadronic Cross Section Measurements using Initial State Radiation - Georges Vasseur   (Mt Temple A)
6:30 AM --- Breakfast ---
6:00 PM --- Dinner ---
8:00 PM --- Reception/Registration ---
12:00 PM --- Lunch ---
5:00 PM
Monday - Colin Jessop (Notre Dame) (until 8:00 PM) (Mt Temple A)
5:00 PM Flavour Tagging with Graph Neural Network with the ATLAS Detector - Alexander Khanov (Oklahoma State University (US))   (Mt Temple A)
5:15 PM Improving ATLAS Hadronic Object Performance with ML/AI Algorithms - Tobias Fitschen (University of Manchester (GB))   (Mt Temple A)
5:30 PM Improved track reconstruction for prompt and long-lived particles in ATLAS for the LHC Run 3 - Karol Krizka (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Mt Temple A)
5:45 PM Precision Timing at the High Energy Frontier with the CMS MIP Timing Detector - Federico Siviero (Universita e INFN Torino (IT))   (Mt Temple A)
6:00 PM --- Tea break ---
6:20 PM Dark matter: from cosmological simulations to particle detection - Nassim Bozorgnia (York University, University of Alberta)   (Mt Temple A)
7:20 PM DAMIC - Alvaro Chavarria (University of Washington)   (Mt Temple A)
7:45 PM CYGNUS - Majd Ghrear   (Mt Temple A)
8:00 PM --- Dinner ---
12:00 PM --- Lunch ---
7:00 PM --- Dinner ---
8:45 PM
Tuesday - Alexander Penin (until 9:45 PM) (Mt Temple A)
8:45 PM Muon Anomaly and Lattice QCD - Zoltan Fodor (BUW)   (Mt Temple A)
9:45 PM --- Reception ---
12:00 PM --- Lunch ---
5:00 PM
Wednesday -Prof. Mu-Chun Chen (University of California - Irvine) (until 7:45 PM) (Mt Temple A)
5:00 PM NOvA - Alexander Booth (University of Sussex)   (Mt Temple A)
5:15 PM IceCube low-energy + upgrade - Jessie Micallef (Tufts University (and MIT))   (Mt Temple A)
5:30 PM MicroBoone - Jay Hyun Jo (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Mt Temple A)
5:45 PM JUNO - Beatrice Jelmini (Università degli Studi di Padova & INFN Padova)   (Mt Temple A)
6:00 PM HyperK - Sophie Emma King (University of London (GB))   (Mt Temple A)
6:15 PM --- Tea break ---
6:30 PM HyperK IWCD - Deepak Tiwari (Hyper-K, University of Regina & TRIUMF)   (Mt Temple A)
6:45 PM MINERvA Cross Section Results: CH - Tejin Cai   (Mt Temple A)
7:00 PM MINERvA Cross Section Results: Nuclear Targets - David Robert Last (University of Pennsylvania (US))   (Mt Temple A)
7:15 PM IceCube astro+Gen2 - Qinrui Liu (Queen's University)   (Mt Temple A)
7:30 PM KM3NeT-ORCA - Bouke Jung   (Mt Temple A)
7:45 PM --- Dinner ---
12:00 PM --- Lunch ---
6:00 PM
Thursday - Alexander Penin (until 7:30 PM) (Mt Temple A)
6:00 PM Present and Future of Muon Experiments - Dr Sohtaro Kanda (KEK)   (Mt Temple A)
7:00 PM Muon g-2 - Ms Dominika Vasilkova (University College London) Dominika Vasilkova (Imperial College (GB))   (Mt Temple A)
7:15 PM mu2e - Michael Hedges (Purdue University)   (Mt Temple A)
7:30 PM --- Conference Dinner ---
12:00 PM --- Lunch ---
5:30 PM
Friday - Sohtaro Kanda (until 7:15 PM) (Mt Temple A)
5:30 PM Recent results from light hadron spectroscopy at BESIII - Isabella Garzia   (Mt Temple A)
5:45 PM XYZ particles at BESIII - Joshua Jackson (zTest - Indiana University)   (Mt Temple A)
6:00 PM Latest results on charmonium decays at BESIII - Marco Scodeggio (Universita e INFN, Ferrara (IT))   (Mt Temple A)
6:15 PM Theory adventures with W-mass - Zhen Liu   (Mt Temple A)
7:15 PM --- Dinner ---