Discussion with Estonian stakeholders: "Advanced Particle Therapy center for the Baltic states"

Meeting room X2067 (North Estonia Medical Centre )

Meeting room X2067

North Estonia Medical Centre

J. Sütiste tee 19, 13419 Tallinn
Toms Torims (Riga Technical University (LV))

About the meeting:

CERN Baltic group (CBG) [1] and CERN NIMMS collaboration [2] are working on “Advanced Particle Therapy Center for the Baltic States” - this is a project to promote the initiative to create an innovative research and cancer treatment center in the Baltic region. The initial technical concept has been developed [3] and is supported by CERN NIMMS collaboration, CERN Baltic Group and Baltic Assembly. 

For the further development of the project, it is critical to engage the medical community (oncologists, radiologists and medical physicists) as well as all relevant stakeholders.


Support of the medical community will be decisive.



Objectives of the meeting:

1. To inform Estonian oncology and radiology specialists, medical physicists and universities representatives about technical aspects and latest developments of the project “Advanced Particle Therapy Center for the Baltic States”.

2. During discussions to understand position of the above-mentioned stakeholders vis-a-vis the project ideas and technical concept.

3. In case of support to identify relevant representatives for the further work within the "Advanced Particle Therapy Center in the Baltic States" Working Group of CBG.

[1] https://indico.cern.ch/category/10023/

[2] https://kt.cern/kt-fund/projects/nimms-next-ion-medical-machine-study


Discussion with Estonian stakeholders
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  • Ando Aasa
  • Andres Kaalep
  • Andrus Paats
  • Andy Reiu
  • Anne Poksi
  • Dmitri Sutov
  • Eduard Gershkevitsh
  • Gert Mikkal
  • Helis Pokker
  • Ilmar Puskar
  • Ilona Muoni
  • Jelena Subina
  • Jyri Teras
  • Kairi Otto
  • Karin Grišan
  • Kristaps Palskis
  • Kristiina Ojamaa
  • Kristjan Pahtma
  • Kätlin Tiigi
  • Made Bambus
  • Maija Radzina
  • Margit Valgma
  • Markus Vardja
  • Merilin Reepalu
  • Mikk Saretok
  • Nikolai Tover
  • Sergei Nazarenko
  • Siret Kivistik
  • Toms Torims
  • Urve Tiidus
  • Äli Roose