GDB [co-located at the ISGC 2023 conference,Taipei] - missing recordings

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 2:00 PM
BHSS, Academia Sinica (Media Conf. Room)

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Mar 22, 2023
2:00 PM Introduction - Erik Mattias Wadenstein (University of Umeå (SE))   (Media Conf. Room)
2:10 PM ASGC site update - Han-Wei Yen   (Media Conf. Room)
2:30 PM Experiences from ICEPP migration from DPM to dCache - Masahiko Saito (University of Tokyo (JP))   (Media Conf. Room)
2:50 PM IHEP migration from DPM to EOS, status update - Xiaofei Yan (Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN)) Xiaofei Yan (Institute of High Energy Physics)   (Media Conf. Room)
3:10 PM LHC networking in Asia - Sang Un Ahn (Korea Institute of Science & Technology Information (KR))   (Media Conf. Room)
3:30 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:00 PM Belle II computing update - Michel Hernandez Villanueva (DESY)   (Media Conf. Room)
4:30 PM IAM Token Hackathon summary - Thomas Dack   (Media Conf. Room)
5:00 PM WLCG token migration update - Maarten Litmaath (CERN)   (Media Conf. Room)