May 16 – 19, 2023
Texas A&M University
US/Central timezone

Probing Lepton Number Violation at the LHC

May 17, 2023, 2:55 PM
Hawking Auditorium (Texas A&M University)

Hawking Auditorium

Texas A&M University


Kaladi Babu


Observation of lepton number (L) violation by two units at colliders would provide evidence for the Majorana nature of neutrinos. We study signals of L-violation in the context of two popular models of neutrino masses, the type-II seesaw model and the Zee model, wherein small neutrino masses arise at the tree-level and one-loop level, respectively. We focus on L-violation signals at the LHC arising through the process pp→ℓ±ℓ′± + jets within these frameworks. We obtain sensitivity to L-violation in the type-II seesaw model for triplet scalar masses up to 700 GeV and in the Zee model for charged scalar masses up to 4.8 TeV at the high-luminosity LHC with an integrated luminosity of 3 ab−1.

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