Round Table

Nathan, discussing making a alpha release. One idea was to make a separate repo for the sycl version (and the cudacpp?). Discussion then went on to moving the plugin code upstream in the proper madgraph repository instead. We need to discuss this in detail with Olivier how to do this in case.

Walter, waiting for the pp fix. Just trying to generate events for the ATLAS proposed workflow. More details need to be sorted out within ATLAS before going towards a gridpack.

Stephan - discussed with Olivier the unweighting, made the unweighting a factor 2 faster. PR on that probably after CHEP.  Stephan will give the CHEP talk. IMPORTANT —> Send infos about what you want to present to Stephan NOW, even if preliminary. Stephan will be on vacation for ~ 2 weeks just before CHEP. The latest version of plots can be updated just before the conference.

Jorgen - working on the PR for automatic profiling and on the documentation.

Stefan - for the ATLAS workflow discussed with Josh McFaden on a simplified version (e.g. gg -> tt…). Idea to re-start this work after easter. Further looked into the generation of gridpacks. Several patches to the code for one process are part of a PR.