May 16, 2023 to November 16, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

The Basics of Quantum Gravity online school is a series of lectures on the key concepts and techniques involved in the research of Quantum Gravity. It is dedicated to young researchers who are tackling this great challenge in theoretical physics. The goal is to bridge several paths and approaches to quantum gravity and provide young researchers with the tools to work on all of these frameworks and utilize various formalisms.

The launching lecture for this event will take place on May 16th. The event will run throughout Europe's spring and summer of 2023, featuring lectures on String Theory, Loop Gravity, the perturbative and non-perturbative renormalization flow of General Relativity, and quantum information in Gravity. Additional lectures on other topics will be planned for the fall and winter.

This is an initiative by the International Society for Quantum Gravity. It will be followed by a series of workshops on more advanced topics.

Details: The lectures will be conducted online, and the Zoom link will be emailed. The series will be recorded and made available online. To receive the links to the lectures by email, please register for the event. There is no registration fee applied. If you have not received the link due to late registration, please contact technical support. A certificate of participation will be provided for those who attended the school. Certificates for the summer season were issued in July. Certificates for the fall season will be issued in November. An email about this will be sent to all participants once all the lectures are over.

Level: The lectures are open to everybody interested in quantum gravity, but are primarily intended for young researchers in theoretical physics (from Master level), already familiar with quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and general relativity.

Organizing Committee: Johanna Borissova, Alicia Castro, Guilherme Franzmann, Etera Livine, Luciano Petruzziello, Damodar Rajbhandari, V H Satheeshkumar



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Registration for this event is currently open.